Top 3 Most Important Tips To Consider Before Buying A Used Car

Top 3 Most Important Tips To Consider Before Buying A Used Car

Used cars are always appealing when one is on a budget. You see a clean, well maintained used car and you immediately want to have it. But like you may have already guessed, there is always much more into a used car than just how it looks from the outside. It is more or less like buying a house. You really can’t tell whether it is good or not until you step inside. Only then can you decide if the house is worth your money or not. In this case though, not even getting inside the car is enough. You have to ignite it, take it for a test drive and feel its experience. But over and beyond these seemingly obvious factors lies other much more important factors that have to be considered before buying a car. They include:

Car history

It is easy to ignore this fact, especially if you have been impressed by the car after taking it for a test drive. Don’t drive off with it before you know who the previous owner was and why they had to put it up on sale. Ask for vital information that can let you know the car’s history. Start off with the Vehicle Identification Number before you can ask any other thing about the car’s history. The last thing you would want to hear is driving off with a car only to later find out that it had been carjacked.

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Car previous road record

It is more or less like the aforementioned car history. In this instance though, you seek to find out if the car has ever been involved in a major road carnage. A dealer who lets you know with a straight face that the car has been involved in an accident before can be trusted. You can in fact, proceed to trade with the dealer solely because of his honesty. It should however be noted that some history records of the car you wish to buy are a big no. simply keep off any car that has ever been involved in a major road carnage.

After sale services

They matter a lot. A dealer who knows too well that the car he or she is selling will want to keep off from offering after sale services. The dealer knows you could be pestering him every other day with car glitches. So insist on after sale services. A dealer will offer the services right away if he is sure the car he is selling you is in a perfect condition.


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